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14 September age 83

Derek was a long time member of RAUKI and served on the committee until April 2008.


23 August age 91

After a series of hospital stays and just as Helen Bakker had just arranged for him to go into care.


12 August

Ernie Dutton was one of the longest serving staff. He worked in Sloane Street and when it closed he went to the KLM Ticket Office in Bond Street. We understand he met our founder Albert Plesman.


June & May

 LHR TN & TT. Eric was a long serving KLMer who was probably known to all who worked around LHR Terminals. His role pushing back aircraft, not just KLM, brought him into contact with many on the 'Ponderosa', he then became more involved with the engineering side.  Eric stopped coming to our events around 2012 due to illness and eventually Dementia. Mary became his full time carer until she sadly passed away in mid May.  Karen, their daughter, says this was the final straw for Eric who passed away 2 weeks later on 01 June.


KLM Cargo passed away 08 August 2017.


KLM Cargo passed away on 14 July after a 3 year battle against cancer.


passed away on 19 April 2017. Her funeral is planned for May 12th in Lavenham where she used to live with her late husband Douglas Montgomery and where he is buried.

I'm sure many of you will remember Pat from the Terminal 2 days when she worked in PH. RIP.


06 May 17

I am sorry to advise that, after a heart attack on April 25, my Dad, Jules, passed away in the mid-afternoon of Saturday, May 6. In his final hours of Saturday morning the prognosis, at best, was a life that he would not have wished to lead. In truth he had suffered deteriorating health over the years, despite the best medical attention of many caring and skilled people.

My Dad remembered all of you and shared so many of his experiences with the family. Also, regarding those “terrible jokes”, I heard them (the same ones, of course!) so frequently in my 64 years, that I can repeat them for you verbatim, upon request. Don’t all rush now…!

Most sincerely and with affection, George Schrijver.


03 January

Simon was admitted to Southampton General on New Year's Eve with breathing difficulties and passed away on Tuesday 03 January.

' Dear Friends and Colleagues' was how Simon started his Travel Desk report in our Newsletters for many years before hanging up his conductors hat in 2013. He had  worked in Group Travel in Bond Street before retiring and then arranged all sorts of holidays and trips, in what was probably the Heyday of the Retirees's association.